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We are recording lots of talks from our Sunday services, as well as other teaching we offer, to help go back over what God might have to say over the weeks. 

31st March 2024: 
Easter Sunday - Jesus is risen!

Acts 10: 34-43
John 20: 1-18


As we celebrate Jesus rising again, defeating death and sin, Revd Matthew reminds us that throughout Holy Week, we have seen people witnessing to the power of the resurrection - just like Mary, Peter and John did on that first Easter Day.



7th April 2024: 
Easter 2 - Seeing is believing

John 20: 19-31


Can we believe without seeing? Or when it comes to the power of the risen Jesus, do we need to believe to see him working all around us? Revd Abby thinks about Thomas's story and how he needed to see Jesus to believe. What does that mean for us?



24th March 2024: 
Palm Sunday - Holy Week begins

Psalm 118: 19-end
Mark 11: 1-11


As Holy Week begins, Revd Abby asks us to put ourselves in the story of Palm Sunday. Jesus is riding into Jerusalem as a victorious King - how do we feel about meeting him as he makes his way into the city and into the events of this week? 



17th March 2024: 
The fifth Sunday of Lent

Jeremiah 31: 31-34
John 12: 20-36


As the events of Holy Week approach, Lou remembers Jesus's words about losing our lives to gain them and letting a grain of wheat die in order to bear more fruit. What does this mean for us? What should we be laying down to bear fruit?



10th March 2024: 
Mothering Sunday with baptisms

Exodus 2: 1-10
Luke 2: 33-40


As we celebrate those who mother us and welcome two newly baptised members of God's family, Revd Abby remembers Anna's example of encouragement to Mary, and prayer support for her community. Who might we be called to be an Anna to? 



3rd March 2024: 
The third Sunday of Lent

John 2: 13-22


Revd Abby thinks about Jesus's righteous anger when he found the temple being used in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. What are we passionate about and is God using that anger to call us to do something about the problem? 



25th February 2024: The second Sunday of Lent

Psalm 22: 23-end
Mark 8:31-end


We continue with our Lent readings, thinking about how Psalm 22 speaks prophetically about Jesus's death. Revd John looks at the parallels and what this might mean for us as we journey with Jesus towards Holy Week.



18th February 2024: The first Sunday of Lent

Psalm 25
Mark 1: 9-15


We begin Lent thinking about Mark's account of the baptism of Jesus and his temptation in the wilderness. What do they tell us during this solemn season of Lent? What habits are we being called to change? Who are we being called to listen to?



14th February 2024: Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent

Joel 2: 1-2, 12-17
John 8: 1-11


Revd Matthew speaks as we begin our journey through Lent, preparing to receive ashes and knowing that we are all in need of God's mercy. What do Jesus's actions in John 8 tell us about the seriousness of sin and our need for grace? 



11th February 2024: Jesus-shaped Mission: Reality Check

Hebrews 10: 32-39
Luke 17: 11-19


Are we willing to believe that Jesus is going to work in us and through us - even when we don't always see an immediate result? Revd Abby looks at what the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers tells us about stepping into the miracles that he is doing.  



4th February 2024: Jesus-shaped Mission: Miracles

John 11: 1-43


How did Jesus use miracles to heal suffering and teach about his love? What are the miracles Jesus wants us to see? Revd Matthew thinks about Jesus's raising of Lazarus to see how  miracles draw people to him and demonstrate his love and promises. 



28th January 2024: Jesus-shaped Mission: Stories

Acts 23: 1-11
Matthew 13: 10-17/ Matthew 9: 9-13


What does it mean to be sent by God to testify to all he has done in our lives? How can we find the courage to let our actions speak as well as our words? Ron Ruddock thinks about how God called Paul - and calls us - to share his message. 



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